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2004 Sailing Season

Views from the Norwegian Dawn, September 5, 2004 -Randy

The Adirondack sails past the CNJ terminal in Liberty State Park.

One of our Colgate 26s sails just outside the marina entrance

Margot took these pictures at the Fourth of July Full Moon Party

Contemplating possibilities for the Blue Moon

"And then he said .........."

Wine? check. Cheese? check. Music? check. It's a party.


The Offshore Sailing Club held a Memorial Day rally at Liberty Landing in unsettled conditions. The object was to predict the time around a course while visiting selected navigation marks. The two winning teams came within one and three minutes of their predicted times. This was extraordinary navigation! We plan to use this rally format for future holiday events on Independence Day and Labor Day.

The rally fleet leaves the marina sailing past the trimaran B&Q/Castorama. The Colgate clock is in the background at the mouth of the Morris Canal.

Warren, Margot and Mark prepare to leave after completing their navigation plan. This team won the rally by two minutes and eight total points. Their capture of one additional mark gave them the winning edge in this tight contest.

Sabine, Marlene and Laura prepare their boat at the "D" dock slip.

Marlene, Sabine and Laura plot their course and estimate their times.

Kathy Romano and John "JP" Purinton oversee the competitors during the the planning stage.

The Offshore Sailing Club made a credible showing at the Nyack Boat Club regatta on May 29 and 20. One club team placed second in the challenging conditions. All who participated in the event remarked on the friendliness and generosity of the host club. We hope to compete again in future regattas.

Randy Smith presents the second place silver award to skipper Tom Sims and crew Bill Gibson. Not pictured are crew Alan Hicks and Neil Brodsky. The generosity of the Nyack Boat Club included monogrammed glass tumblers for each of the crew.

L to R: Bill Gibson, Tom Sims and Randy Smith with a closer look at the beautiful plate with its Nyack Boat Club burgee and Colgate 26 class inscription.

The Offshore Sailing Club season opener at Liberty Landing was a huge success. Thank you to all who came to meet friends both old and new.

Tom Sims, Randy Smith and Offshore Sailing's branch manager John Purinton "JP" address the crowd. 

Randy tells the group about this year's improvements and introduces the club committee who make it all happen.

Tom Sims explains how the club committee was formed last year.

JP ferries club members from New York. The Offshore Sailing Club doesn't let a broken water taxi stop the fun.

Tom Ehling describes the many improvements to the club web site.

Mike Connell describes this year's racing program and encourages first-time racers to join us on Wednesday nights and alternate Sundays.

Club members and guests line up for hors d'oeuvres atop the lightship.

Tom Sims, Tom Ehling and Mike Connell respond to a club member's question.

Members and guests enjoy a beautiful evening at the marina with the New York skyline in the background. 

Members and guests enjoy the sunny evening.

Members and guests view the many displays arranged by the club committee. There were photographs from last year's activities and examples of the information available on the AroundTheHarbor web site.

We saw Ellen MacArthur and Castorama at Liberty Landing Marina on Saturday, May 8. Ellen is going to attempt to set a west to east solo transatlantic record. You can follow her progress at www.teamellen.com

Castorama enters the canal

This side view gives an idea of the size and power of the rigging


Another fine Spring afternoon and an opportunity to see the newest visitor to New York Harbor - the Queen Mary 2. Only lucky sailors like ourselves get to see such a beauty from the best vantage point.

The QM2 is best seen from the water. It dwarfs everything else around it.

If you look over Dan's left shoulder you see the Celebrity cruise ship ZENITH. It looks like a toy next to the QM2.


The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing and we had the harbor to ourselves. We saw only one other sailboat and very little commercial traffic. The Coast Guard politely warned us to keep away from the Norwegian Dawn as it left the Passenger Ship Terminal. All in all a fine start to the season.

Warren and Kathy enjoyed the 15 to 20 knot breeze on the Hudson

Marlene relaxed and soaked up the sun on a great Spring day

Dan handled the mainsheet of our double-reefed main as we headed north

Randy got out from behind the camera for the first time in two seasons

We had a little company as we passed Chelsea Piers