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2003 Sailing Season

June 29th Spinnaker clinic

Our happy crew searches for all of the parts needed to make a go.

Richard, Belinda and friends prepare the spinnaker rigging.

Mike points out ...what the heck IS that, anyway???

Marlene, Wayne, Mike and Bill "got it all bagged". Probably better 
than half in the bag, which came later.

There's nothing better on a cold Winter night than a warm smile from 
Katrina and Michelle.

There was a great turnout for the clinic. Michelle dealt handily with 
the comments from JP.

Kathy and JP demo a hoist. JP had some trouble getting it up. Sad 
thing in such a fine, young man. Was this the same spinnaker that Rob used 
to propose to Tricia?

It's Up! It's Good!

It's Up! It's Good!

JP demos a gybe

Now the members try it - with mixed results at first.

All of the members get'em up. What a glorious moment! It makes you 
proud to be a sailor.

We try a practice gybe.

And we still have them all flying.

Now we get prepared to douse the chute.

Another look at getting ready to douse.

Bringing the chute in smartly.

The hearty crew intentionally practices a wrap, and prepares to 
unwind the chute. Yeah, right..."intentionally".

Michelle also wraps up the day with a critique and final advice. What 
a great time we had. We hope that the memory keeps you warm this Winter.


Delivering the Hunter - 2003

Club member Tom and Offshore staff member Vince delivered the Hunter from Bristol, RI to the Marina, arriving during the Club Opening Social, April 25th

Vince captures Tom on film all bundled up in the cold.

Leaving Execution Rock lighthouse in our wake, off Sands Point, NY.

Passing College Point lighthouse, off College Point, NY.

Our first glimpse of the New York skyline in the distance.

Under the Throgs Neck Bridge, leaving Long Island Sound behind. Getting close.

Approaching the Whitestone Bridge, off Kings Point, NY.

Passing under the Hell Gate Bridge with Vince at the helm. Let the fun begin!


May 4th Clinic "Champagne Landing and Tackling the Outboard." How to safely get on and off the dock while under power.


Season opener - April 25th "Happy Hour" 

Michelle & Kathy Gilchrist 
 Members & Guests  
   Members Bob and Vincent

Members & Guests

The lineup, presenting the coming season's events. Tom Sims at bat, Michelle and Kathy Romano on deck.

Eric presents the exciting 2003 racing program.

Members Rusi & Mary

Kathy Romano presents the 2003 events calendar.

Offshore Branch Manager Michelle talks about the 2003 program.

Members & guests

Members Mark & Kathy