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This website is by and for members of the Offshore Sailing Club in New York Harbor. Only volunteers are responsible and we do our best to keep it up to date. Explore for information and tools to enhance your Club experience.

Stay Tuned for Information about the 2013 Sailing Season

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Sign up to Sail at the Offshore Calendar .
If you are unable to sign up on the calendar, e-mail njclub@offshoresailing.com, or call the office at 201-432-7763 to leave message.
A reservation is not valid until confirmed by Offshore.

Connect with fellow Club members
Often it is difficult to find a partner if you are free to sail during the week. Club members have a discussion list to find and coordinate with others who want to sail during the week. Click to join the WeekdaySail mailing list.

Navigation Notes

Club Member Tom Ehling has once again coordinated information from various sources to create Current and Tide Charts to aid Club members in New York Harbor.
Find them here by date .

Wind Conditions

Offshore Sailing has an upper limit of 20 knots to allow members to sail.
Check here for real time wind conditions at Robbins Reef or a Text Summary of conditions from NOAA.


All are welcome regardless of skill or experience!

Added in 2013: Monday evening While Sails only. Add some tiller time with purpose: hone your skills pointing and trimming, reading wind and currents, with company to help. Wednesdays and Sundays, spinnakers allowed. Racing is an excellent way to improve your skills and meet other members. It's a great sail, with an enthusiastic but not too cutthroat group. New racers should come down to the dock a half hour before any scheduled racing session and we'll get you on a boat with an experienced crew. Look for Phil Friedman, Michael Richter, see the Offshore Staff member on the dock.

Activities of the Offshore Sailing Club are organized and run by member volunteers. If you have suggestions or would like to help in any way please connect with members of the Steering Committee.

Commodore : Tom Ehling
Vice Commodore : Pat Lay
Racing : Verena Detmer, Marco Goehns & Tom Sims
Events : Mike Collens & Kim Norris
Communications : Margot Jacqz
Treasurer : Sue Mujica


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